Giving Allimed Liquid to Children
This is a photo instructional on how to give Allimed Liquid to babies and toddlers.  Most kids over 4 or 5
years old will simply drink it mixed with a small amount of juice.

Snacks/treats should always be given sparingly and are best saved for times like this.  For example, my
kids only get 2 snacks per day, no more, and one of those times is always in the evening after
"medicine".  Try to keep the snacks somewhat healthy if possible.  Gluten/dairy/soy free chocolate chips
(Enjoy Life brand), pretzels (Enger-G brand), dried fruit (wild blueberries, tart cherries, etc), or other
snack of choice.  Some kids like crispy things, some like sweet things, some like salty things... be sure
it is gluten/soy/dairy/nut/corn-free if possible.

Pour a small amount of juice into a little cup.  We use bathroom/kid-sized
Dixie cups... let your child pick out a design at the store (fishes, stars, etc).
This is the ONLY time my kids get full strength juice so that in itself is a
treat.  Let your child see you put their favorite snack in another cup but tell
them they must take their "medicine" first.  You can start with a lower dose
the first day (do a couple tests to see what 3, 6 and 12 drops look like in the
dropper).  Now is a good time for you to try it yourself (with and without juice)
so you know what it is like.  NOTE:  Before actual dosing, remember to
shake the bottle very well (don't forget to tighten the lid!).  

If your child spits it out, try squeezing into the cheek.  They should get over any aversion to taking it once
they realize it tastes good (with the juice) and they get their favorite snack afterwards.  The flavor of
Allimed doesn't linger (like, say, cod liver oil) so don't feel bad about giving it to them.  Your attitude will
make a big difference so be nonchalant about it (you can get a little excited about the snack, though!).  
Let your child watch you take it first (and Daddy, too).  Wanting to be part of family activities is very
motivating for babies and toddlers.  That means YOU get a bit of juice and a snack, too!  It may end up
being an enjoyable part of your evening routine like it is our home.
Suck up the Allimed into the
dropper.  This photo shows
what 12-15 drops looks like.
Now you can see the
Allimed near the top (clear)
and the grape juice
towards the bottom.
Release your grip and
quickly suck up some juice.  
Turning it back upside down
will help mix it.  You can
squeeze the bulb again and
add more juice if you like.
Place into the juice while
maintaining pressure on
the bulb.
Now squeeze the bulb
(extra air goes out).  
Turn the dropper upside down
so the Allimed runs into the
bulb portion of the dropper.  
Squeeze the entire amount
into your child's mouth
(may take 2 squeezes or
more if you add extra juice).
Let them have another sip
of juice and their snack.  
Grape juice works well.